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I was chronically dehydrated since pregnancy. I just couldn't bring myself to drink more water, no matter what I did. I'd carry water around with me all the time, try a variety of herbals teas and of course stay away from caffeine, but I still wasn't getting enough fluids into my system. Since I'm breastfeeding, it's been even more important for me to figure out a way to hydrate so that my body gets what it needs and my baby gets the milk he needs. I wasn't sure if drinking Kangen water would make a difference, but it was worth a try. The first thing I noticed was how tasty the water was, and I know that all water pretty much tastes the same to everyone, but this one really tastes delicious. I'm drinking 3 to 4 liters a day and it feels effortless! That's up to seventeen 8-oz glasses a day without even noticing--well over the recommended six 8-oz glasses a day we're typically told to drink. When I finish my bottle, I'm actually disappointed the water's gone. It's been incredibly easy to get back on track to healthy hydration after starting my Kangen routine. I'd recommend it to anyone struggling to find a way to get more healthy fluids into their diet.



October 2013

Toronto, Ontario

I started using Kangen Water when I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2010. At the time, my conventional medical doctor gave me appx, 5 years to live as the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. Today, I am living the life of my dreams in good health and into my 6th year cancer free. I have never had a cancer recurrence nor am I on any conventional medications. I believe Kangen Water helped me tremendously by keeping my body alkaline, toxin free and constantly hydrated. I am most thankful to those who made it possible.
April 2015
Toronto, Ontario








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